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Our research is focused on voluntary and involuntary corporate audits, examinations, and investigations for government and NGO’s having high impact on the rights of Consumers and private people.

Our goal is to use our proprietary comparative research to identify and bring to justice any white collar crimes, violations of natural rights, extortion as defined in Title 18 of the Uniform Commercial Code, unauthorized administration of public trust administration under the guise of abandoned property laws, and the unconscionable transfer of security interests without consideration at par or tax reporting compliance.

We honor a duty to report our findings to the public, any local county Office of the Sheriff, Attorney General, Secretary of State, FINRA, the FTC, OCC, CFPB, NCUA, FDIC, SEC or any other regulating Office or Agency for enforcement of regulations and statutes. We also assist the public as Advocates who file claims to an Administrative Law Judge, or Arbitrator at our sole discretion.

Government and NGO Corporations can Book with us for a FREE Operations & Contract Compliance Consultation. We will gather information to assess your compliance risk based on our proprietary “all applicable laws” research standards no attorney is trained to deliver. This is a proactive way to avoid the consequences and effects of an involuntary audit leading to criminal charges, fines, and claims for damages relating to criminal trespass and financial crimes.

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Working with us is simple. Please fill out the consultation form below or call us directly at 888-899-9372.

Our Story

We are Serv Inc., and we believe when we Serv together, we Soar together. When we realized that public trust administration is a largely unregulated industry, we decided to assist the public by offering regulatory functions from a superior jurisdiction of common law in commerce. This means Comsumers now have an added layer of powerful sources of enforcement 

Our team of Consumer Advocates developed organically as each member has a passion for advanced government and law research. Our experts have extensive experience in finance and law, to include but not limited to federal compliance risk, quality assurance, fraud examinations, securities, equity, financial crimes investigations and audits.

That’s why we’re using our proprietary research methods and decades of combined experience to help Consumers and private people take advantage of their protected rights. We use financial literacy programs, business networking, educational seminars, digital products, case studies, and corporate B2B services to make high impact on regulation and compliance for Consumer rights.



We develop regulatory compliance training for our corporate Government and Commercial clients, we provide speaking services on leadership, compliance, interpretation of law/regulations, as well as topics on maintaining privacy in commerce.

Our team consists of some retired or active Federal employees who have experience with developing and delivering adult learning programs catering to the specific training needs of corporate executives. We contract with select corporations/agencies of any size to ensure their team is sufficiently trained to adhere to the quality compliance standards set and regulated by us and the Federal government.

We also teach and provide service to select individual clients who are interested in privatizting the functions of their Estate & Trust assets. Our public and private Trust Administration services are designed to properly structure Estate entities for equitable revenue/income generation and property protection. We also represent individuals needing to file Federal claims in dispute of non-compliant contracts.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is a small powerhouse of privately educated and trained scholars dedicated to serving the community by using decades of experience in corporate leadership roles to impact how corporations generate revenue while maintaining Federal Regulatory Compliance.

Together we educate our clients about real ways to simplify processes, build solid strategies, and maintain systems that secure and stabilize revenue streams in compliance with “all applicable laws.”

Reese Roberts

Reese spent nearly a decade serving as a Corporate Trainer & Quality Coach for the Department of the Treasury and as a Payroll Consultant with a world-class payroll service provider, Automatic Data Processing. Reese used this experience to develop learning programs for individuals and businesses who wish to implement systems and create resources under Private Administration.

Reese specializes in professional research, contract & technical language analysis, adult learning & training, claims processing, and Business/Trust administration.

Billy Davidson

Federal tax compliance can seem complex until superior forms of law are applied. My administration of law includes an expertise of Title 26 tax law, fraud examination, and compliance.

Samantha "Sam" Davis

Affectionately called “Auntie Sam” I ironically divorced Uncle Sam. With a background in accounting and bookkeeping, I created the Private Wealth Cycle System to teach Consumers how to set up accounts that shield money from taxes to maintain wealth, and to operate wealth vehicles under these shelters.  What gurus are not telling you is, what non taxed shelter holds those vehicles and how to maintain the upkeep of the shelters. Do you have a Bookkeeper on hand to keep your expenditures balanced so that you have one less thing to worry? If any of this interests you let’s plan to create your non taxed Shelter. Always remember tax avoidance is legal. 

Ayomide Bey

Private Administration of property law has a wide range of application in commerce. My goal is to help Consumers and private people perceive these application to tangible and intangible types of property. Our team is organized to help protect private property from unauthorized public administration using Estate, Trust, and Private Equity protections.

Akeem Christian

Consumer Protection begins with a deep understanding of who Consumers really are under the law. I focus on developing professional research and developing Consumer Protection products in commerce. My administration of public trust assists Consumers with practical corporate transactions using their public trust accounts. 

Associate Team

Our associate team of professionals serve vital roles in helping us accomplish what we do every day. Our duty to properly regulate the administration of public trust territory in commerce, self-determine, and self-govern is a complex socialized function. These associates are trained to execute these functions in accordance with “all applicable laws” in compliance with our proprietary research and administration standards.

Valencia Bridges

My passion for people drew me into the Consumer Advocacy and Protection field. My development training focuses on performing corporate audits whenever Consumer complaints are received, and to assist the leadership team in reporting the white collar crimes we investigate through involuntary audits and examinations for fraud. Providing excellent care to Consumers and getting results is my primary objectivon the team.


Chauncey Smith

Data manipulation, security, and automation is my primary goal as the organizations Technical Consultant. My work supports all functions and enables our teams and departments execute their duties and missions efficiently. I also serve in some administrative capacities that include Advocate work and claims processing where necessary to support productivity goals.

Regina "Rah" Meri El

As a certified paralegal and serial entrepreneur I specialize in researching Federal and statutory systems of government and law for effective public trust administration. I provide administrative support to our leadership team as an Executive Assistant in a high functioning work environment. My research focuses on fraudulent incarceration, other federal claims processing, and unlawful mandates consituting regulatory enforcement.


Kenesha Barksdale

My career has developed extensively in the field of social work and political activism. I regularly perform counsel work for underpriviliged youth. I provide administrative support to ensure private contracts are mediated during the process of private Estate and Trust administration. I also assist the leadership team in researching corporate government and NGO’s for investigative examinations and audits. My goal is to provide Consumers high levels of service in alignment with the industry standards set here ar Serv Inc.