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Our research is designed to create commercially stable economic Public Health through compliance. We use our professional research efforts to educate Executives and decision makers about compliance with all applicable laws.


Many corporate Attorney’s are not allowed to act in the best interest of Consumers because they are hired to act in the best interest of shareholders. 


Our work is designed to help mitigate this issue by creating a population of Informed Consumers who will naturally protect their own interests once they understand how to contract in alignment with a more equitable interpretation of commercial law. 

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Our Story

We are Serv Inc., and we believe when we Serv together, we Soar together.

That’s why we are taking our years of experience and applied research to help small businesses, major corporations, as well as individuals how privacy can dramatically transform how they manage their affairs.

Our team has decades of experience researching Federal Regulatory Compliance and we are dedicated to using that research to support our mission to maintain privacy as a normal standard for life and business.We develop regulatory compliance training for our corporate Government and Commercial clients, we provide speaking services on leadership, compliance, interpretation of law/regulations, as well as topics on maintaining privacy in business.

Our team consists of many retired or active Federal employees who all have experience with developing and delivering adult learning programs that cater to the corporate executives specific training needs. We contract with select corporations/agencies of any size to ensure their team is sufficiently trained to adhere to the quality standards set and regulated by the Federal government.

We also teach and provide service to select individual clients who are interested in privatizting the functions of their Estate & Trust assets. Our public and private Trust Administration services are designed to properly structure Estate entities for equitable revenue/income generation. We also represent individuals needing to file Federal claims in dispute of non-compliant contracts.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is a small powerhouse of scholars dedicated to serving the community by using decades of experience in corporate leadership roles to impact how businesses generate revenue while still maintaining Federal Regulatory Compliance.

Together we educate our clients about real ways to simplify business processes, build solid strategies, and maintain systems that secure and stabilize revenue streams.

Reese Roberts

Reese spent nearly a decade serving as a Corporate Trainer & Quality Coach for the Department of the Treasury and as a Payroll Consultant with a world-class payroll service provider, Automatic Data Processing. Reese used this experience to develop learning programs for individuals and businesses who wish to implement systems and create resources under Private Administration.

Reese specializes in professional research, contract & technical language analysis, adult learning & training, claims processing, and Business/Trust administration.

Z Israel

My technical approach to administration encompasses the full scope of commercial law and private banking. I focus on the importance of distinguishing persons and using corporate commercial law to offer relief to living entities. I have decades of applied experience & my work has influenced statutory legislation, and is recognized by Federal banking and commerce regulators.


I take the most practical approach to law as possible. I specialize in technical interpretation and seek remedy based on thorough independent research of corporate publishings, legislation, and regulation. The principle of my philosophy is one can only enforce what they know. So my goal is to offer practical access to that knowledge

Billy Davidson

Everyone hears about the tax system being voluntary, but don’t know how to properly engage in this capacity. My administration of law includes an expertise of Title 26 tax law. I use over 30 years of experience with regulatory law to show you how to take control and loosen the ties that bind.