Estate & Trust Administration

Don’t know how to use your right to privacy yet? While you research and educate yourself, you can hire us to represent you by appointing us Power of Admininstration to assist you with cases of any type. We handle commercial courts, debts, and agencies of all types.

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Extension of Credit

We communicate with your bank to enforce your right to extend Consumer Lines of Credit, regardless of your credit score. It is your right to equally access credit! We help you set up your banking accounts and use the Treasury to ensure you easy and systemic access to your birthright of wealth.

Use the chat to tell us what bank you are with and what kind of entities/Tax ID numbers you currently have. 

Get your FULL paycheck! | Privatization for Individuals

Our Employee Wage Protection Program allows you to start receiving the full amount of your paycheck from your employer without having involuntary deductions for taxes withheld.

We assist you with legal documents, federal applications, tax guidance, and HR representation to ensure that you know how to self-govern your compensation.

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